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Can A New Electric Toothbrush Really Get Your Teeth Cleaner?

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 If you really hate your teeth, you probably don’t brush much. You should, brushing regularly with a toothbrush can prevent both rotten teeth and yellow teeth.  Brushing your teeth keeps your gums and teeth healthy and stops you from scaring away potential mates with your breath. Flossing too, don’t forget about flossing. The toothbrush has made some serious improvements since our ancestors crafted the first ones out of whale bone and walrus whiskers (or something similar) thousands of years ago. Now they’re all made from plastic and some even have moving parts, you’ve definitely seen some of the fancier ones. Now Oral-B claims they have the newest, latest and greatest tooth cleaning device available for the general public.

The Sonicare has been the gold standard of teeth cleaning for years. Now, the Oral B Deep Sweep says it “removes up to 76% more plaque than the Sonicare FlexCare in hard to reach places.” But is one toothbrush really that much better than another?

The Test
First, please know that I am not a dentist, nor do I have the proper instruments required to do a truly scientific test. So lawyers, take note: my results are really my subjective opinions. That said, here’s what I do to make the test as fair as possible in the comfort of my own bathroom:

I chew up those dental dye tablets – the kind your dentist uses to reveal areas where you haven’t brushed so well. Then I brush one side of my mouth with the Sonicare, for exactly 30 seconds each on top and bottom, then I brush the other side of my mouth for exactly the same time with the Oral B Deep Sweep.

Subjective Differences
The Oral B seems to facilitate more movement of the bristles, the Sonicare feels like higher frequency, smaller vibrations. The Sonicare was a little more tickly than the lower frequency Oral B. The Oral B was heavier and the brush head was bigger than the Sonicare. I like the feel of the Oral B a little better.Tooth-Brush

The Results
Which gets my teeth cleaner? When I look in the mirror, I don’t see any dye remaining. So I have my producer and editor make a careful inspection. And neither of them notice any difference between the cleaning efficacy of the devices either.

This test, I definitely don’t recommend you do yourself: I rub fluorescent paste – the kind that shows up under black light – all over my teeth and into the crevices. The paste really shows up under the black light so maybe we’ll see some that the toothbrushes don’t clean. I brush each of the four quadrants of my mouth with one of the devices, for exactly 30 seconds each. And again, upon close inspection, the teeth all look similarly clean….More at Can A New Electric Toothbrush Really Get Your Teeth Cleaner? – Yahoo! News (blog)

If we ever start brushing again here at I Hate My Teeth, we’d definitely use one of these new fan-dangled brushes. There may not be a huge difference between the handful of state of the art brushes on the market but there is a noticeable difference between a motorized vibrating brush and the regular hand held stick of plastic. Remember, if you hate your teeth you don’t have to!


Looking for a Deep Clean a Toothbrush Cant Give You?

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