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5 Dental Habits To Help You Keep Your Teeth

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We know you probably hate your teeth, it’s ok. But on the off chance that you’re looking to make up with your mouth after your neglectful behavior, we can help. Well, we can’t, we aren’t Dentists and we don;t want to get sued for gving your faulty advice about your bad teeth. That’s why we dug up this article by Rebecca Cornile, a real life doctor!

 These days, teeth have become an important fashion accessory. Everyone wants his or her smile to be just as white, bright and dazzling as that of any Hollywood celebrity.

A great smile starts with healthy teeth. Here are five dental habits to develop that will give you the best smile possible and help you keep that smile for a lifetime:

• Floss: You need to floss, at least once a day, every single day. Probably 9.7 out of 10 of my dental patients get this mini-lecture at their checkups, and I’m sure that number isn’t too far off for other dentists. Toothbrushes can’t get to the food particles and plaque that collects between your teeth.

Plaque is that white sticky stuff that forms on everyone’s teeth. It is composed of bacteria that if left undisturbed by a lack of good brushing and flossing, can cause a world of damage to our teeth, gums and the bone that surrounds and supports our teeth. Dentures and dental implants will put a serious dent in your bank account, but the alternative is a smile with big black gaps in it. No one wants that, so floss.

If you see blood when you floss, it doesn’t mean you should stop. It means you should floss more often and better. Healthy gums don’t bleed. Get and keep gums healthy by daily brushing, flossing and getting a professional cleaning every six months.

• Brush well: Brush your teeth with whatever makes you happy and helps you do a good job. The only “must” is to be sure the bristles are soft or extra-soft. Lots of time and research has been spent comparing standard toothbrushes to electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are great for those who might have physical limitations or those who enjoy gadgets, but a regular toothbrush and proper brushing technique is just as good at removing plaque.

While you are brushing, don’t forget to brush your tongue. Food particles and bacteria can easily become trapped in the tongue’s rough surfaces, causing bad breath, irritation, and in some cases, strange things dentists prefer to see only in textbooks. Either use your toothbrush or buy a tongue scraper at your local drugstore….More at Here are 5 dental habits that can help you keep your teeth – U-T San Diego

So if you’re just brushing your teeth is like getting a 33% on your oral health exam. That’s an F. Brush and floss and you’re still only up to a D. Keeping your mouth healthy involves cleaning every corner of it, not just the front of your teeth. You need to get in between teeth, the roof of your mouth and your tongue too. Remember,i f you have some nasty yellow teeth to submit the to our site!

Robert Pattinson Teeth

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The power or makeup is strong  Celebrity teeth are always a favorite here at I Hate My Teeth . Com and today we bring you a rotten toothed picture of former vampire Robert Pattinson. Pattison ditched his shiny glam-pire look into a stained tooth bum for his new movie.

rotten teehRobert Pattinson transformed from a gorgeous vampire in “Twilight” film series into a dirty-looking man in his new movie “The Rover“. A number of photos taken during the filming on March 5 showed the actor rocking yellow, crooked teeth as well as a brutal haircut and wearing an oversized T-shirt which made him barely recognizable.

Pattinson is currently filming “The Rover” in Australia. He portrays a dirty, new member of a gang in the crime thriller film. The film cast also includes Guy Pearce, Scoot McNairy, Gillian Jones, Anthony Hayes and Susan Prior.

The film is directed and written by David Michod, who won big at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival with his acclaimed movie “Animal Kingdom“. The film began its production on January 29 and is scheduled to finish in mid-March.

“The Rover” centers on Eric (Pearce), a lone traveler in the Australian desert who is forced to pursue a ruthless gang of criminals after they steal his car. Along the way, Eric enlists the help of Reynolds (Pattinson), a junior member of the gang who was left behind after a robbery.

“It’s a kind of a western,” Pattinson explained the film. “It’s very existential. It’s really interesting. I couldn’t really explain to you what it’s about but it’s sort of about how much pain can the world take and how much disgust and cruelty before love dies. I think that’s kind of what it’s about.”…More at Robert Pattinson Flashes Rotten Teeth on ‘The Rover’ Set – AceShowbiz

The Rover should be out in theatres some time next year, in he mean time we’ll continue to post plenty of celebrity smiles here at IHMT!

Can A New Electric Toothbrush Really Get Your Teeth Cleaner?

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 If you really hate your teeth, you probably don’t brush much. You should, brushing regularly with a toothbrush can prevent both rotten teeth and yellow teeth.  Brushing your teeth keeps your gums and teeth healthy and stops you from scaring away potential mates with your breath. Flossing too, don’t forget about flossing. The toothbrush has made some serious improvements since our ancestors crafted the first ones out of whale bone and walrus whiskers (or something similar) thousands of years ago. Now they’re all made from plastic and some even have moving parts, you’ve definitely seen some of the fancier ones. Now Oral-B claims they have the newest, latest and greatest tooth cleaning device available for the general public.

The Sonicare has been the gold standard of teeth cleaning for years. Now, the Oral B Deep Sweep says it “removes up to 76% more plaque than the Sonicare FlexCare in hard to reach places.” But is one toothbrush really that much better than another?

The Test
First, please know that I am not a dentist, nor do I have the proper instruments required to do a truly scientific test. So lawyers, take note: my results are really my subjective opinions. That said, here’s what I do to make the test as fair as possible in the comfort of my own bathroom:

I chew up those dental dye tablets – the kind your dentist uses to reveal areas where you haven’t brushed so well. Then I brush one side of my mouth with the Sonicare, for exactly 30 seconds each on top and bottom, then I brush the other side of my mouth for exactly the same time with the Oral B Deep Sweep.

Subjective Differences
The Oral B seems to facilitate more movement of the bristles, the Sonicare feels like higher frequency, smaller vibrations. The Sonicare was a little more tickly than the lower frequency Oral B. The Oral B was heavier and the brush head was bigger than the Sonicare. I like the feel of the Oral B a little better.Tooth-Brush

The Results
Which gets my teeth cleaner? When I look in the mirror, I don’t see any dye remaining. So I have my producer and editor make a careful inspection. And neither of them notice any difference between the cleaning efficacy of the devices either.

This test, I definitely don’t recommend you do yourself: I rub fluorescent paste – the kind that shows up under black light – all over my teeth and into the crevices. The paste really shows up under the black light so maybe we’ll see some that the toothbrushes don’t clean. I brush each of the four quadrants of my mouth with one of the devices, for exactly 30 seconds each. And again, upon close inspection, the teeth all look similarly clean….More at Can A New Electric Toothbrush Really Get Your Teeth Cleaner? – Yahoo! News (blog)

If we ever start brushing again here at I Hate My Teeth, we’d definitely use one of these new fan-dangled brushes. There may not be a huge difference between the handful of state of the art brushes on the market but there is a noticeable difference between a motorized vibrating brush and the regular hand held stick of plastic. Remember, if you hate your teeth you don’t have to!


Looking for a Deep Clean a Toothbrush Cant Give You?

Find a local dentist in our new Dental Directory.


Babies Threatened By Bad Teeth

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Bad teeth dentistThe more dental science advances the more apparent its connections to overall health become. The following article from Dentistry IQ sheds light on a previously unknown connection between oral health of a pregnant mother and the health of her unborn child. When an expecting mother has to fight off infections in her mouth she leaves herself vulnerable and has to divert resources away from her fetus.

By Curt Yeomans

JONESBORO ? Protect your smile because your baby’s life may depend on it.

There is a new line of thought in medical science about the link between an expectant mother’s mouth and her unborn child.

It turns out oral diseases, such as gum disease and periodontal disease, may increase the chances that a baby will be born prematurely or underweight, said Dr. Vicki Edwards-Morris, the Clayton County District dental director.

When a mother gets these types of diseases, her body’s efforts to fight the disease may protect her but it can also put the unborn baby at risk.

“The anti-bodies their bodies produce to fight the infection can have a negative affect on the placenta,” Edwards-Morris said.

The research on how much of an impact dental diseases can have on an unborn child is still being conducted. But, Edwards-Morris and Board of Health spokesman Joel Hall said scientists are beginning to find links between the dental health of a mother and the likelihood that a baby will be prematurely born or underweight.

As a result, the Clayton County Board of Health is jumping ahead of the curve with a new program, called “Smile, You’re Pregnant.”

“It is open to all Clayton County women who are expecting a baby,” Hall said.

Hall later explained the health department is starting the program now, rather than waiting on the research because, “we want to be able to get ahead of it now.”

The new program is part dental exam and part dental education class. It is designed to educate expectant mothers on the threats gum disease and periodontal disease pose to a fetus.

Participants visit the health department’s offices every Thursday afternoon, from 1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m., and dental health experts conduct dental exams on them. The dentists then offer educational advice on how to prevent oral diseases, said Edwards-Morris.

“We try to provide services to expectant parents to improve their overall oral health,” Edwards-Morris said.

The Board of Health’s dental health department is partnering with its Making Ours Moms Successful program to conduct the “Smile, You’re Pregnant” program.

Hall said mothers interested in participating in the program must make an appointment for the Thursday sessions. They can call the Board of Health at 678-610-7199 and ask to make a dental appointment….More at Babies threatened by bad teeth – Dentistry IQ

The health of a fetus depends on many factors and most mothers would do anything to ensure the health of their baby. Simply being aware that bad teeth can harm their baby can make sure a mother to-be takes care of her oral heath. As with most health care issues, most lower income families recieve inadequate coverage and as a result are more prone to having an unhealthy baby. Hopefully more studies are done to illucidate the connections between oral and overall health.

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