Sloppy Smile

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Bad Teeth

McGregor had bigger problems than his teeth, his eyesight was failing him and the boil on his ass had all but exploded.

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18 Responses to “Sloppy Smile”

  1. Max Watkins says:

    I think that looks just like my dad also i wanna bum that man he is soooo hot!

  2. Jordan Smith says:

    i think that your ultra hot……..please give me ur numba!!!!!

  3. Jordan Smith says:

    i think that your ultra hot……..please give me ur numba!!!!!xxxxxxxx

  4. I like dodo’s in my mouth

  5. Parvinder Sandhu says:

    I love Vinali, I think she is amazing, there is no better woman, there is only one pudi for me and that is Vinali’s although I had some tough thinking over Akrita.

  6. Josh Hassell says:


  7. Josh Hassell says:

    My anal cream stinks of shit and I would love to sell it this Saturday in Spain. It has also been on Elkins’s sonti

  8. PUDHINIO says:


  9. Parvinder Sandhu says:

    I am a massive idiot. I think I’m cool by anoying people on facebook and I left facebook at one stage for 12 days just to draw people’s attention. Attention seeking was the only reason why I did that, I said that people were bullying me and that is why I left the social website. I fancy nearly everyone in the school, Elizabeth (even though she’s got a boyfriend), Sharna, Vinali, Akrita, Chloe, Leonnie, Ellie, Katie, Jade, Jess (both Hillocks and Schweitzer). And not to mention all of my 11 made-up girlfriends. I said I went out with Leonnie once to make my friend Josh jealous. But somehow it got out of hand and people heard what I said including Leonnie. I tried to blame it on Rajvir (my cousin) but people knew it was me. Leonnie obviously denied it coz it weren’t true, I am such a masssive lier. (I pick my nose).

  10. Parvinder Sandhu says:

    Oh yeah!!!! I miss my Nan so much, she was so milf and what we had was purely confidential. (i’m gay)

  11. anonomous says:

    who keeps leaving all these messages for some guy called Parvinder. I once had a friend like that… his name…. was….. MR HANKY THE CHRISTMAS POO!

  12. jordan says:


  13. Liz Smith says:

    Parvinder – Words cannot describe how much I desire your soft, brown skin. I want your hairy brown skin up close to my hairy brown mole! P.S. I LOOK LIKE SHREK?

  14. Everyone knows I still want jordan smith, but why do i deny it?

  15. Stevie says:

    Wow Parvinder sounds like a twat

  16. Pudi taker says:

    Lol u have totto in your nose
    This Parvinder sounds like he has dildos up his ass
    He is also dittos totto

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