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Baseball Smile

Donald was ejected from the stadium in the bottom of the fifth for biting another patron.

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  1. ChoCho says:

    He looks like a downs.

  2. My husband’s hard boiled eggs always came out perfect. He did the same as you.

  3. Boycn says:

    lilylam121, I think that’s an exaggeration you’re miknag there I mean we all know that we’re living in a commercial world how sad despite how great the music is in 鐘聲, we all know that 鐘聲 won’t get nominated for any of the 4 so-called major award ceremonies because 鐘聲 is not a really commercial stuff. There’s really not much justice in the whole cantopop awarding system. Look at Grammy! They have awards for all kinds of music genres, not only pop!! Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Classical, what have you! But not here in HK sigh 鐘聲 is indeed a classic in the way that its music is groundbreaking for both Gospel and non-Gospel markets(I even think that Khalil must have borrowed some musical ideas from the song 騷靈頌 for his rendition on 月亮代表我的心), it’s probably the first Cantonese Gospel CD that ranks at the top of Jazz/Classical charts in stores, and seriously who write music like this these days in HK? I mean listen to 騷靈頌 pulling all kinds of gospel, jazz and blues elements, and yet it work so well with Cantonese! Simply an amazing arrangement! My only wish is that if any music critic is just, please include this album as the one of the top 10 albums in HK in my opinion, this is definitely a top 100 classics in the history of HK music (if there’s such list)! In terms of music and production, probably top 10 of all time!VA:F [1.9.8_1114](from 18 votes)

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